A Letter from the President

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Dear Brothers,

I hope this letter finds you well.

To start off, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to our long-standing Alumni Board members — Eric Friberg, Otto Grupp, Russ Hatton, Justin Molitoris, Kevin Olsalvsky, Michael Rycheck and Keith Taylor — along with Sean Burke, Bryan San Souci and Imran Walji – our newest additions to the Alumni Board. Their time, effort and input provided are invaluable.

The Alumni Board meets each month with the Actives’ Leadership Team. I truly appreciate the collaboration and efforts made amongst the different generations represented. Speaking of the Actives, it’s been my pleasure to know them over my last 9+ years on the Board, and I’d like to shout out their recent accomplishments – a strong Rush this Spring semester and the two terms before, tens of thousands of dollars raised towards Thon and Penn State granting the House a Standards of Excellence award for the 2021/2022 school year. The House was one of three fraternities recognized by Penn State’s Chapter Recognition and Standards of Excellence Program.

As mentioned in previous communications, we’ve embarked on a mini-capital campaign to raise $300,000 towards modernizing the House’s bathrooms and other renovations. Under the direction of Board member, Russ Hatton, we’ve made a very good start. A sincere thank you to those that have generously contributed to this fund-raising effort. A decision to give is a personal choice, but if you have the desire and the means, I ask that you seriously consider making a tax-deductible donation to this capital campaign. Let’s continue the momentum created by those that have already graciously given.

Of even greater importance, I would like to reflect on Brothers that have entered our Chapter Eternal. In the past year, five Brothers that were part of the House when I was there — Paul Busovne, Phil Ciullo, Marty Hannan, Kevin McKee and very recently Sean Lacey — sadly passed away. I wish them — along with other departed Brothers and their families and friends — peace. We are Brothers eternally; on this Earth and beyond.

Be safe and be well, my Brothers. We Are Penn State, and We Are Phi Kappa Sigma.


Mark Bokelman ’82

President, Phi Kappa Sigma Penn State Alumni Board