The Last Great Election: Tastes Great, Less Filling!

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Thank you to Tom Albertson for sending in this story in memory of his brother, Dan. What a great memory to look back on! Here is what Tom had to say about the last great election:

"My brother Dan Albertson passed away unexpectedly earlier this year so I wanted to share a memorable story about our time living together at Skull House.  It was the Fall of 1984 and the chapter meeting was dragging on later than usual.  It was house officer election night and we were down to the final vote for Fire Marshal, a position that didn’t seem important at the time.  Two new brothers were running, Brent Beabout and Dan.  I felt obliged to speak up and recommend Dan on the basis that we had never had a fire in our childhood home growing up together in Bethlehem but that didn’t seem to sway the electorate.  Greg Pilewicz, President at the time, tried to speed things up by taking the vote by a show of hands but it was split pretty evenly and everyone was too tired to actually count.  At the end of his rope, Greg instructed everyone that wanted Brent to go to one side of the room and everyone for Dan to get on the other side of the room.  As the brotherhood split apart, one side started chanting “Tastes Great” and the other side chanted “Less Filling” parroting a famous Lite Beer commercial.  Somehow Dan won by the narrowest of margins and became Fire Marshal, and the rest is history.  Turns out later that year there was a serious fire at the “Bone” but I will let someone else tell that story.  Rest in peace Dan!

Above is a picture of Dan with his daughter Jill who is currently a Junior at PSU. Regards, Tom"

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