Phi Kappa Sigma Penn State Hijinks: read your brothers' stories and share your own

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What were the best nicknames you called your brothers and how did they come about?  

When's the last time you saw a Psi Chapter brother in person? Who were you with, where were you, and what was the occasion? Do you have a photo from that day? 

What do you remember about the top social event the year you graduated? Do you remember your date? Did you happen to marry them? 

What was Phi Kap known for during your time at Penn State? 

Read on to find out how other Psi Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma alumni answered these questions.  

Leonard Duffy ’63

Memories: In the spring of 1963 Phi Kap teamed up with sorority Alpha Phi to build a float for the annual Greek Parade.  It came in the midst of finals and I was struggling to graduate, so had no time to join in.  My Alpha Phi girlfriend Carolyn, however, was available to lead the construction of a giant paper mache statue of “Ben Hur” (a popular book and movie of the day).   It was built on the east porch during a week of rainy weather.  Because of finals and other spring diversions she had a very hard time getting recruits, but pressed hard on both groups to get the job done by early in the morning of the parade day.  

The float won first place! 

The next week, Carolyn was the first female ever elected as Phi Kap’s “Man of the Week”.   We’ve now been married for 54 years.  Still building.  

Bob Brown ’69 

Nicknames: The best nicknames were Joe Rusnack ’68 - Snatch and Rick Search ’69 - Heart King.

Last time you saw a classmate: Bill Gaul ’69 and I play golf in Houston (I'm in Indiana), and we see a Penn State football game each year.

Top social event: The most memorable party was right after Toga and my graduation, I got married right after that to my pin mate in June. I then went into the Marines for a SE tour.

What Phi Kappa Sigma was known for: A good looking bunch of guys that had fun, with class.

Mark Nowakowski ’73 

Update: I would be interested in any Zoom video calls with Brothers from 1969 to 1975.  Lets keep in touch!

Chris Larry ’86 

Nicknames: I remember calling Rod Tester – Todd Sesler.

Last time you saw a classmate: It has been a while. We did have a PSU rugby reunion this year and some of us Skull brothers were there like Lenny Dore ’86, Rich Cassidy ’89, Erick Chizmar ’89. There is a history of PSU Rugby and Skulls.

What Phi Kappa Sigma was known for: I guess I would have to say partying but we also had a lot of fun.

We created a Philanthropy called SkullYmpics. That would be a great story.

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