4 Reasons Skull House Still Matters After College

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For many of us, Phi Kap was an important part of our Penn State experience. Whatever your key takeaways from your time at Penn State, I think we can all agree on this: Phi Kap’s impact extends far beyond our brief time at the chapter house.

Here are 4 reasons Skull House still matters after you graduate, according to your fellow Alumni:

"Growing up from a kid to a man with brothers all doing the same thing. I still have contact with some fraternity brothers - now over 50 year since we were in the fraternity." - Bob Brown '69

"The closeness that developed while in school between brothers, especially those in my pledge class, was so important." - Dave Curry '64

"The camaraderie and PHI Kap spirit." - Mark Nowakowski '73

"As an alum, I know my role is limited. After all, the actives have their own world. Alums are treated with respect, but are no longer a “part.” That is as it should be. Also, it gives us plausible deniability. That said, the most valuable thing we can give is time- volunteer. I attended the Grand Chapter in 2018, and met so many great people. I hope I represented Psi chapter well, in my role as an “expert” of my field." - Sophie Kandler '89

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