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Thanks to these brothers for responding to our recent alumni email survey! If you’d like to submit an update of your own for publication in an upcoming e-letter or a future edition of our alumni newsletter, email us your updates and photos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Bob Brown '69

"There was nothing better than being part of the Skull House. Sure there were places to go downtown (best pizza was Hi Way Pizza) but the best place to feel wanted, to feel part of a group of men that looked out for each other, the best place to learn about relationships was Skull House.

I loved to be part of a group that gave me a place to really feel home- I consider it my home and always will. My favorite activity was the parties and socials with sororities. They were a great way to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere and learn about relationships with women.

Unrelated to the Fraternity, I also enjoyed the Penn State football games. I still see a game every year- mostly near me in Indiana. But I do get back to Penn State and still feel something very special going back to the Skull House. So many great memories. I still have contact with some fraternity brothers - now over 50 year since we were in the fraternity. I'm now retired and have traveled to many places around the world.

I've slowed down a little now that I'm 73 but always have thoughts about my life at Phi Kappa Sigma. Some things and friends you just never forget. I have 5 grandchildren-(all boys) and stay close to my sisters. Below are pictures of my Penn State man cave."


Gene Foster '57

"The best activity we did was The Skeller Football. I still remember relating with all of the wonderful brothers. I am enjoying living at Ironwood CC, a golf community in Greenville NC. I've lost touch with brothers over the years."


Dave Curry '64

"My dad and brother were Phi Kaps and we all enjoyed gathering at the Skeller. And of course, going there with my Phi Kap brothers and dates was always special. At the Skeller, I hooked up with the woman who is now my wife of 55 years. Our annual toga party was most special. We did some crazy things, but we always had fun and survived. I wish I had some photos handy, but they are all in slides, and I’ve never got to scanning them.

The closeness that developed while in school between brothers, especially those in my pledge class, was so important. Also, when I was the Scholarship Chair, the house had been about 50th for quite awhile and were threatened with social probation. We got serious and turned that around; I think we got into the top 10. As we go through the pandemic, I feel fortunate to have a nice home with gardens that keep me busy. Judy and I are both 78 now and appreciate our good health.

When we moved to Alexandria, LA 10 years ago, I had a workshop built at one end of our backyard. I’ve had the opportunity to make and give away about 3,000 crosses. Visit to see my process and some of the crosses I’ve made. I haven’t maintained much contact except exchanging Christmas cards with my “little brother”, Jim Broadhurst, and his wife, Susy, who was Judy’s 'little sister.'"


Chris Larry '86

"There were so many great places but the Library was particularly nice, just a lot of good memories there. I still remember taking Fall hikes with my brothers. The Skulympics is one of my favorite memories. The most important thing I gained from Phi Kappa is all the brothers and what we achieved."


Bill Turner '86

"I remember The Train Yard at the Train Station. Both have been gone for years, but nice spring days in State College can be rare and drinking beer and Release Valves at the Yard was a great time. I remember tailgating of course. In the mid 1980s, the football was great and the tailgating was even better. There was nothing better than spending Saturdays outside Beaver Stadium before and after games.

We have had season tickets since 1991, but bought a place in State College in 2016 and now live here most of the year and tailgating is still a big part of our fall Saturdays. One of the attached photos is several Skulls at our tailgate for the Pitt game last year. The other is a picture of several of us in costume for the Phi Psi 500 in 1986.

The friends I have from the house are by the best friends that I have. Without my friends from the house, I would not have friends or at least very few. We moved to State College full time in 2019 and spend 4-6 months in Hilton Head, SC. Mike Ferrero and Randy Rose also live or spend time there so we see a lot of each other."


Mark Nowakowski '73

"I did enjoy stopping by the Skeller with friends after class and the Phyrst with brothers Randy Runk and Keith Springer. There were always other brothers there too. Of course Penn State Football was paramount! Those Football weekends were electric, can't describe the excitement of those weekends. I made it back to 4 games the season after graduation, driving in from DC and going to Phi Kap parties at night.

I moved to Ft Lauderdale the following season but had 3 other Brothers to share the season with, Buddy Busch, Dave Faix, & John Warnack. We made it to a PSU/Miami game (and a Steelers Superbowl too). After 17 yrs in South Florida I moved to Big 10 Country (Chicago) and attended a few home and away games, always catching PSU when they plated Northwestern.

Below is a photo of the Pledge formal in the Winter of '72 or Spring '73, I don't know the exact date. The most valuable thing I took away from my experience with the fraternity was the camaraderie and the Phi Kap spirit.

I moved to Asheville 3 years ago and just had a home built. Love it here, weather is great, beautiful area, and what can you say about a city with over 30 breweries/distilleries and a very eclectic downtown. Asheville is just what I wanted after 25 years in hectic Chicago (and its political scene) and after years of extensive international business travel it is the perfect place to wind down."