Why Psi Chapter?

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You already know the impact Greek life has—because you lived it. The term ‘social fraternity’ might give the impression that the Greek experience is superficial. But research shows that personal connections and friendships are the key to happiness.

These lifelong relationships are only part of what makes the fraternity experience so transformational. From our career trajectories to our family’s values, our Psi Chapter experience played a key role. Our experiences helped make us into the people we are today.

Here is an eBook of some of the best responses to recent a survey of Greek communities across the country. These quotes illustrate why Greek life is and will remain a key part of the higher education experience. Click HERE to read the eBook and keep reading to see what Psi Chapter members had to say.  


"I'd say the most valuable part of my Phi Kap experience was the opportunity to mature into adulthood with a strong appreciation of social graces, a recognition that scholarly work was valuable, and financial rewards. I worked as an intern at U.S. Steel Industrial Relations and Industrial Engineering Divisions for three summers and was offered a full-time position upon graduation in 1959.” - Chester Buckenmaier Jr. ‘59 


"I love my Brothers (and little Sisters) of the bone. I think having a house on campus helps solidify our presence. It is a foundation for all of our memories. Remember Big Red, remember the Ice Box, remember the Toga Parties, etc. The most valuable part of my Phi Kap experience was the Brothers, Sisters and people around the house, as well as the events and the Brotherhood.” - Chris Larry ‘86 


"We swore an OATH to PKS. Skull is a lifetime commitment. I tell the actives when I visit that “pledging never ends.” We always are dedicated to the chapter. That’s how I saw it when I was an active, that’s how I see it now. My love and pride for Psi chapter is unabated after all these years.” - Sophie Kandler ‘89 


"I really valued my time at the House. The most valuable part of my Phi Kap experience was, of course, the camaraderie. The House was full of so many personalities that there was always someone to join in anything you wanted to do." - Mark Nowakowski ‘73