2019 THON Kickoff

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Immediate Request for $2,000 in Donations to secure Skull House Dancer at THON

Once again the Brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma are honored to be participating in Thon and we are reaching out to our alumni for their help to guarantee that we have a dancer in this years event. We need to immediately raise $2000 for our dancer and to help our Thon Family. More Skull Thon details are below in letter from our Thon Chair.

Please make online donations HERE

Letter from Psi Thon Chair

Dear Psi Brothers,

My name is Jonathan Levin, Psi ‘19, and I am the primary chair for Psi chapter’s philanthropy team benefitting THON. For those of you who don’t know, Penn State THON is the largest, student-run Philanthropy in the world. Every year, over 15,000 children are diagnosed with pediatric cancer — the leading cause of childhood death by disease. THON’s mission is to help spread awareness of this disease, and raise funds to fight pediatric cancer.

THON has raised over $146 million since 1977, and over $10 million annually for the last 6 out 7 years. These funds go towards Four Diamonds, a philanthropic organization providing treatment and care specialists to families affected by pediatric cancer, as well as funding groundbreaking cancer research facilities in order to find a cure. We, at the Penn State Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma, have made it our mission every year to contribute to this cause and represent our THON Families proudly.

Our current THON family, the Hawthornes, gave us some very fortunate news last summer that their son, Jacob, was recently declared cancer free after having his cancer treated with the help of THON. You may also know the miraculous story of my pledge-brother, Brady Lucas, who was diagnosed with cancer twice as a child and each time had his cancer treated with the help of THON. Our chapter had the amazing opportunity to represent Brady as our THON Child during his second battle with cancer; since then he has grown from THON Child to THON Dancer, to THON Chair, to THON Special Events Director, and now works as a Gift Officer for Four Diamonds. It is because of people like this and stories like these that I am reaching out to you all, today.

As of now Psi chapter needs $2,000 to guarantee a dancer in Thon this year, and we need your help during this final push to meet this goal. I am asking all of you to make a donation towards our fundraising total by donating online to our Thon page HERE so that our chapter can continue to proudly represent our THON families and our national fraternity during THON weekend. Our philanthropic mission to help those in need is made possible through the charitable considerations of people like you. You are reason for stories like Jacob’s and Brady’s, and only with your help can we continue to fight pediatric cancer and fund research to find a cure! We thank you for all your enduring love and support for this cause.




Jonathan Levin

Primary THON Chair for Phi Kappa Sigma

Psi Chapter, 2019

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