Benefits Beyond Grandeur – Be The Best You Can

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“My best advice is to have a life outside of the house,” Taylor said. “It makes you a better brother because you can bring unique perspectives to the chapter.

An IFC Executive Board member, Taylor doubts he would’ve been a part of the board if he wasn’t active outside of the fraternity.

As an alumni, Taylor credits a lot of his values to what he learned in Greek Life.

“It is one of the few places left where you can experiment with leadership, and learn from successes and failures,” Taylor said. “The house in a sense is self-governing. We have to make decisions that help us or hurt us, and we have to do it without someone holding our hand. That is not an experience you get in the classroom.”

It was a match made in heaven for Taylor. Meeting his future-brothers during his first week at Penn State, Taylor had no problem getting to know the guys:

“I was in the honors college, and I met some Skull brothers the first week who also happened to be honors students,” Taylor said. “I liked hanging out at the house and felt that the guys were easy to get along with. I believed that I could join Skulls and still accomplish my goals.”

Taylor and Skull Brothers with the late Margaret Kulick

The benefits of Greek Life have been gigantic for Taylor. Graduating three years ago, Taylor has taken trips to Spain and Vietnam with alums and active brothers. When he’s not traveling across the world, Taylor works as an accountant manager for JB Hunt Transport.

Hoping to transition into a different area of business and earn an MBA, life hasn’t slowed down for Taylor since graduating from Penn State. Highlighting the importance of “personal responsibility”, Taylor has always thrived to be the best he can be: whether that be in the real world, or in the Skull House.

“Don’t blame others for your circumstances until you’ve looked at yourself and done everything you can to be the best you can be,” Taylor said. “The fraternity is what you make it. If you want it to be fun, it will be fun. It’s a mindset.”