The Memories Will Always Remain

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Seated left is Roberta Gbur Molloy, Alpha Chi Omega class of 1960 and Nicholas Molloy, class of 1959. The Molloys have been married for 56 years with two children- both graduates of Penn State. Next is Noel De Cavalcante ’59 and his wife Peggy

Nick Molloy, ’59, Is Grateful for his Fraternity Experience

Following in his brother’s footsteps, Nick Molloy joined the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity in the fall of 1956. “I was drawn to the fraternity because of my brother, who was a senior, and my fellow rushees,” he recalls.

A close group, Nick and his brothers truly exemplified what the brotherhood is all about. “Living in the house was like living with family. We grew to respect each other and work together as a team,” he recalls.  And while the accommodations may have been less than stellar, Nick made deep connections within the walls of the house. “I lived in the icebox second floor with another pledge and two brothers,” he says. “But I’ll never forget the fellowship of the 13 pledges who were brotherized in March 1957, because of the death of two pledges at Christmas time in 1956 on the PA Turnpike.”

Nick experienced plenty of social activity while living in the Phi Kappa Sigma house. Looking back, there are a few highlights that really stick out in his mind. “Some of my most special memories are the jam sessions and house parties, plus hell week was a real grind!”

In addition to the social aspect of the fraternity, Nick appreciated the support he received academically from Phi Kappa Sigma during his years in college. Looking to make a career in Insurance and Real Estate, Nick found Phi Kappa Sigma to really impact his academic accomplishments and set him up for success after college. “The social part of the fraternity was very important in the early beginnings of my working life,” he remembers. “You learned how to make friends and clients.”

A proud alum, Nick brings his family back to his old stomping grounds to see where he spent his formidable years. Often returning for homecoming, as well as visiting his two sons who both graduated from PSU, Nick is glad to have opportunities to reconnect to his Phi Kappa Sigma family. “We attended the 50th anniversary of our 1959 graduating class. I also stay connected with Noel DeCavalcante (’59) from Melbourne, FL. He was the best man at our wedding.”

Today, Nick continues to work full time in his family’s Real Estate business. “I’m healthy and enjoy the challenges of the business world,” he says. “I also play a lot of golf and watching my grandsons grow up and supporting their interests.”

For those who are carrying on the Phi Kappa Sigma torch, Nick wants them to remember something. “Recruit and attract good quality young men. You have the opportunity to mold their future.” And speaking from experience, Nick knows just how impactful that can be. “It was an incredible learning experience for me to attend Penn State and the fraternity. The memories are still with me.”