Brother Steve Roe, I Presume?

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We recently received a submission from Skull Brother Terry McDevitt ’76, who shared his favorite memory of the Fraternity, which involved a fellow Brother, a football game, and a very late night.  Read on for that and who he stays in touch with these days.

“Probably my best Phi Kap memory is leaving Steve Roe at the football game, passed out, long after the game was over. He made it back that evening very, very late. Staying in touch with Tom Hebel, Steve Roe, Harry Thomas, Mark Denkowski, John Hellman, Dave Caramenico, John Apple, and a few more is the real highlight. Great friends- greater Brothers!

In my career, I spent the majority of my time as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase. The highlight of my life is having three grandchildren that I can send home.