Closing One Door, Opening Another

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Fall semester has come to a close and the blustery Happy Valley winter is upon us. At Psi Chapter, we’re celebrating and giving thanks to you, the Brothers of the Bone, who didn’t leave us out in the cold this year, or ever!

As we close 2016, we are encouraged by giving this year. Together, as a brotherhood so far, we have raised $12,277 from 57 loyal men.

Looking ahead to 2017, we will again need your support as the lifeblood of our organization and you can be proud of the traditions that your contributions uphold. As you read in an earlier article, and in our winter Psidelights, we’re welcoming 14 new members (two of them legacies), to the spring 2017 class, a 20-year high for Psi. These great achievements are not possible without you.

Please join us in 2017, as we continue prosperity and as always, come see us next time you’re in town.

WE ARE- Skull House!