"I Was the Best Delta Officer for Three Years at the House!"

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Brother Richard Cassidy '89, joined Psi Chapter in 1986 as a rugby player, because several of his teammates - Erik Chizmar '89, Lenny Dore '86, and Chris Larry '86, were members. These days, he still keeps up with many Psi Chapter Brothers in Pittsburgh, at PSU rugby alumni weekends, and in Philadelphia. We caught up with the President of Kattan Ferretti Insurance, who proclaimed "I was the best Delta Officer for three years at the house!"

Q: Why did you join Psi Chapter in the first place?  

Cassidy: “Several rugby players I played with were members of the house, Erik Chizmar ‘89, Lenny Dore ‘86, and Chris Larry ’86.”   

Q: What’s your favorite memory from your time in the chapter? 

Cassidy: “Initiation, toga, 100th anniversary party.”   

Q: Do you still keep in touch with any of your fellow alums?

Cassidy: “Yes in Pittsburgh, back at PSU, PSU rugby alumni weekends, and in Philly.”     

Q: Tell us about your job title and what you do.

Cassidy: “President of Kattan Ferretti Insurance – An independent insurance broker offering home auto life business health and financial services. We employ 27 employees.”     

Q: How did your time in Psi Chapter help to prepare you for that role? 

Cassidy: “I was the best delta officer for three years at the house!”     

Q: Tell us about your family/hobbies.  

Cassidy: I have a son who will be a sophomore at PSU main campus, and a daughter in high school that wants to go to PSU.  I currently still try to play rugby and I do mountain bike weekly.  I attend as many PSU football games as possible and catch a few PSU rugby games to watch my brother’s son play on the team.      

Q: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

Cassidy: “Surviving a 100 foot fall from a cliff while mountain bike riding.”      

Q: What advice would you give to future generations of Phi Kappa Sigma Psi Chapter members? 

Cassidy: “Get involved at the house.  Offer to run for leadership positions at the house.  Leave the fraternity a better place than when you arrived, physically and by adding strong new brothers."