Psi Chapter Brothers raise $41,986 for Thon. A New Record!

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Dear Psi Chapter Brothers,

I first want to thank you all for helping us spread THON’s mission statement across the world and increase childhood cancer awareness. I also want to thank all those who donated to our fundraising total for the THON 2016 fundraising season. As a fraternity, we raised a total of $41,986.00. This exceeds our record total of $18,141.12 set in support of THON 2012.

We would never achieve these goals without all of your gracious support and love for the cause. As a university, we raised $9.77 million dollars this year. Since THON paired with the Four Diamonds in 1977, over $137 million has been donated to fight pediatric cancer.

Because of your efforts, NO family has ever been turned away from Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital for pediatric cancer treatment.

THON 2016 was very exciting, with Skull House contributing three dancers. In recognition of our fundraising total last year, we received two guaranteed dancers for the house, and another one who danced for his organization, Tri-State.

In appreciation of our total this year, we will receive even more guaranteed dancers for THON 2017. The idea is the more money you raise, the more dancers are allocated for the next THON. All three of the brothers that danced all 46 hours, no sitting, no sleeping, made it to the end. We all had many smiles, tears, and laughs. The three dancers were Jesse Ruela (Tri-State), Thomas Smithwick (Phi Kappa Sigma), and Brady Lucas (Phi Kappa Sigma). This was a very special weekend for us all.

During THON weekend, we also had many brothers in the stands holding up our letters and big heads of all three of the brothers who danced. In addition, we had six brothers who were part of committees that helped run the event all weekend. We also had signs for our THON family, the Hawthorne’s, whose child Jacob (18), was diagnosed with cancer. They kept us going all weekend, even though they were not able to make the actual event.

It’s never too soon to start planning your donations. You can start donating to THON 2017 by following this link

When you arrive it the web page, double-check that Phi Kappa Sigma is credited. We will also start sending more updates in September.

We hope that the whole brotherhood and network around the country would like to join us in the fight. We would like to reach an even higher fundraising total than this year. Company Matching is another great way to raise money. This is when a company you may run or work for would match all or a certain percent of the funds we raise throughout the year. Start talking to your CEOs so we can partner with your company. This gives the guys in the house an extra boost to raise the most money. We also hope to gain a partner in which we fundraise with next year.

I hope you all join the fight against pediatric cancer. THON has a 96.09% fundraising efficiency, which far surpasses many other charities. THON will only help us grow as a brotherhood and people for the rest of our lives. Thank you again for your endless support. For more information about THON go to

For The Kids,
Brady Christopher Lucas ‘18
Phi Kappa Sigma’s 2016 THON Chair