Honor Roll

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The Honor Roll reflects gifts made since January 1st. Within each Giving Level, donors are listed by graduation year. Thank you to all our donors for their ongoing generosity!


Mini Campaign Honor Roll Donors

The Honor Roll reflects gifts made to the Mini Campaign.

Richard Solt


George Baker 1965
John Lapinski 1969
Jon D'Amico 1971
Eric Johnston 1981
Chris Teaf 1975
Robert Brown 1969
Mike Friel  1977
Tom Hebel  1977
Jeff Long 1980
Brent Beabout 1987
Thomas Callahan 1982
Mark Bokelma 1982
Ronald Felix 1985
Eric Meuschke 1985
Bill Turner 1986
James Mullarkey 1990
Mark Jones 1993
John Stuntebeck 1994
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